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ishouldasaid's Journal

Snappy Comebacks That Came Too Late
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We've all seen those entries on communities like metaquotes, childfree, and stupid_free - the ones where the sarcasm is just too blistering, the wit just too rapier-sharp, and the verbal triumph over an adversary just too perfectly timed and perfectly executed to be believable.

Come on, man. You know you didn't really think of that perfect rejoinder till hours later. You muttered something or just stared, struck dumb that someone could be that rude/stupid/much of an entitlement h0r. Sure, it makes a great story, but deep inside you know you're telling a fib, and doesn't that just keep you awake at night?

Well, sleep easy, my friend! Now you have the place to show off your dazzling wit without having to tell a big ol' lie about it. Post your story, then tell us what you would've said if your brain hadn't been in lockdown. Real life or online, either one is cool. We're not here to judge. We promise.


1. For the love of God, don't start wank if you can possibly help it. If you can't help it, be aware that your maintainer also mods Fandom Wank and OTF Wank, and will have no compunction about letting people there mock the shit out of you. If you can live with that, then do what you need to do.

2. No proselytizing of any kind - religion, childfree/breeder status, etc.

3. Your maintainer is a bitch, especially online. No, really. Ask anyone.